Album Review: Patlac – Blinded [Connaisseur]



Connaisseur has always ahead of the curve of conventional music trends, both stylistically and in its operations as a label. Alex Flitsch is a puppet master of sorts; a maestro who conducts his orchestra of artists with creative conceptual ideas and constructive feedback, which is all done behind the scenes as A&R of his long-revered imprint.

It seems this ethos was in play in many ways during the creative process behind Patlac’s longplayer for the imprint, which Connaisseur released on wax this past month, including a limited edition (of only 100 colored copies) which is available exclusively on its Bandcamp page (a forward-thinking strategic maneuver in itself, embracing the DIY approach toward releasing music in the modern era, which is quickly growing in popularity amongst labels and artists).

Also released digitally,  ‘Blinded’ is a captivating journey that really grabs you and holds on for dear life, in an endearing and comforting manner. When a body of work is as cohesive and seamless as this, common album tricks such as huge mass-focused singles or tracks that veer off the musical vision are simply not needed. Blinded is best experienced by immersing oneself into the LP as a whole, as opposed to skipping through in sections. Defined by Flitsch as the label’s first soiree into their realm of “Livingroom Techno” releases, this term is a fitting descriptor for the vibes provoked by the album. Every song included in Blinded stands on its own, yet they simultaneously fit together in unison, within the warm and cozy confines that house the album’s greater self.

Highlights include the understated “Light”; a mystically melodic ride into the nonphysical plane, sermonized by the angelic spoken words of Afra on vocals. The crescendo occurs during the final stretch, as ‘Run’ and the title track ‘Blinded’ work together in unison to construct a hypnotic and ethereal aural landscape, serving as the LP’s light-handed crescendo. Captivating in its ways, the masterfully produced and programmed Blinded is a defining body of work for an already well-established artist.

Preview the album below via playlist on Soundcloud, and buy it here!


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