The Art of Digging: DJ Joe Foxton (Fiction NYC)


The FictionNYC trio, comprised of Joe Foxton, Gilles Wasserman and Steve Graham has slowly, yet methodically, grown to be revered as one of the most consistently on-point underground acts in New York City / Brooklyn’s underground scene. From my perspective, whilst experiencing and dancing to their spellbinding marathon set together earlier this summer on the rooftop at Bushwick A/V, I was equally washed over with memories of legendary trio acts such as Tyrant or S.O.S. as I was with sweat. 

As with any multi-DJ group, the Fiction crew each have their own persona, style and aural pallette which make a cohesive unit while together, but what led to that comeraderie was their abilities to stand on their own two feet and spread their musical message without their trusted counterparts by their sides. Joe Foxton certainly does this regularly at his Frisson residency, in Brooklyn’s favorite gathering place, TBA Brooklyn.

We here at DiggnDeepr obviously love hearing DJ sets which seem to flow magically and lead us down rabbit holes to the unknown. That’s what digging deeper for the right pieces to a musical puzzle is all about; it’s about spending the time, effort and putting the love into the sheer act of digging and searching for those special records that will never be found on the surface, in order to make your musical vision a reality — whether in a live environment or in a home or studio mix, such as the one we present to you today, with Joe’s masterfully executed mix, entitled ‘Geo’.

I’ve been gathering tracks for this mix for a while now, waiting for it to all come together. This one is very special for personal reasons, and I hope you feel it when you listen…”

When Fiction NYC’s Joe Foxton uploaded his new mix to his Soundcloud on Friday, the ones highlighted above were the exact words he used to describe his personal sentiments and the emotional connection with his new mix, entitled ‘GEO’.

This caused an immediate reaction from me, as it’s all to rare these days to hear many DJs speaking so intimately about the mixes they post.

So, upon looking at the tracklist, it was nearly a fore-drawn assumption that GEO would be an incredible mix. One almost has no other choice than to come to such a conclusion when the tracklisting if chock-full of music from labels like Dial and Mule Musiq, amongst many others.

After listening, those pre-conceived notions proved to be wildly accurate. The set is incredible, from beginning to end, and methodical in its ways, as Joe puts on a masterclass in the art of slowly constructing a majestic musical castle, brick by brick. Naturally, my curiosity wanted answers to the questions raised through Joe’s comment about the set. Being the kind gentleman that he is, he was delighted to answer a few quick questions about just what inspired Geo, and why such a long trek and span of time was spent DiggnDeepr, in order to find the music he was searching for to put this beautiful set together.


Joe alongside his Fiction NYC comrades at their Boat Party with Ripperton & Love over Entropy over the summer

How long have you been gathering music for GEO, and can you expand upon the title a bit as well as the reasoning behind choosing it?

Strictly speaking, since June 2015 when I discovered the Riotvan label and Thomalla. But it really started coming together three months ago. I always have several mix-prep folders on the burner at any given time.

The title comes from “geometry”, and its connection with electronic music. Great electronic music played on proper speakers shapes the air… this mix started as an experiment in mixing tracks that effectively shape the air in different ways. I’m fascinated by the fact that waves moving through air eardrums at different amplitudes will trigger a full range of visceral andemotional feelings.

That’s an incredibly fascinating and scientifically complex way to come up with such a short, to the point, title! What exactly makes GEO so special to you on a personal level? Is there a story or a specific moment in time that the set depicts?

GEO  is special to me because it symbolizes a new artistic freedom I feel right now, where I’ve embraced my own unique tastes utterly, shedding imaginary shackles of what I think people want to hear me play. It may sound banal but to me it feels like victory at the end of a very long internal battle.

What was the final puzzle piece of music attained that made you feel as if you had it all set as were ready to record GEO?

Finding the track to bridge from the more emotional first half of the mix into the more adventurous second half. I’m in love with this timeless synth extravaganza of a track that sounds like it could have been made in the 70s or today. Reminds me of a classic from my childhood, Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds.

How often do you put together sets of this nature?

I try to do them as much as makes sense, which isn’t that often. A mix is a permanent record of a point in time that haunts you for years afterward, so I have to make sure it is as special as I can make it so I don’t lose my love for my own shit.

And lastly, how important is it to you as a DJ and 1/3 of a forward-thinking event promotion group, to be digging deep when it comes to booking acts and choosing venues, etc?

Absolutely essential. If you aren’t laboring and sweating to bring something to the table that nobody else can bring, then what’s the point? With any kind of art, I am interested in seeing the most uncensored, unmitigated expression of what’s inside you, and that can only come with obsessiveness about digging deep and searching for what truly expresses who you are. The best artists are the most vulnerable and most unafraid to let people get intimate with the inner workings of their brain and soul.

Tracklisting for GEO

  1. Syuzhet – Lake People [Mule Musiq]
  2. 0Cto – Vril [Giegling]
  3. Parallaxis (Traumprinz’ Over 2 The End Remix) – Efdemin [Dial
  4. How RU Plush – D. Tiffany, regularfantasy [Pacific Rhythm]
  5. Little Sunshine – The Mole [Circus Company]
  6. Digital Love – Tom Trago [Dekmantel]
  7. Ausländer – Ausländer [Voyage]
  8. Eat The Heart – Aril Brikha [Something Happening Somewhere]
  9. Bungl (Like A Ghost) feat. Jenny Hval – Lindstrom [Feedelity Recordings]
  10. Holy Rollers – The/Das [Life And Death]
  11. Pataphysics – Thomalla [Riotvan]
  12. Shoulders Back – Leif [TIO-Series]
  13. Steam – Kuniyuki Takahashi [Mule Musiq]


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