Hidden Gems – Archive #001


Hidden Gems is a series of curated playlists or listicles, from DiggnDeepr staff as well as guest curators (DJs/Record Shop folks/Radio Jocks, etc). Each collection of Hidden Gems consist of music which the curators have discovered in their sonic treasure hunts. To guarantee gem authenticity, we analyze various subjective data sources across the web as a means to ensure each track featured is one that’s had a very limited footprint in the world of music consumption.

Our inaugural collection that you’re about to discover has been curated and exhibited by DiggnDeepr’s lead editors, Kev Obrien and Chris Luzz. Spotify Playlist is directly below these words, and some brief dialogue covering each track is further down the page! Enjoy  the sweet tunes, and happy diggn’ !


Marissa Guzman – Like A Feather (Kerri Chandler Mix)

One for the soulful vocal house heads. Marissa Guzman is the real deal, and her songwriting and vocal gifts are on prominent display with Like A Feather. With Kerri Chandler on the remix tip, it’s a match made in heaven. Warning: This track may be habit-forming. Common Side effects include mirror karaoke and finger piano solos. JAM! – Kev Obrien

Juicy Lucy Music, 2016


Ron Carroll – Living the Dream

Ron Carroll‘s discography dates back to 1993. If you printed it onto real paper, you’d likely run out of toner and paper, one would imagine. Chicago’s famed TRAX Records’ catalog goes back much further than that, so it’s easy to see why gems such as “Living The Dream” can only be found while digging deep into either Ron or TRAXs music. That, or luck. This is upbeat, cinematic and fun loving house music, especially for sunny days in a place called Fancytown. – Kev Obrien

TRAX Records, 2011


Pezzner – Autosave My Love 

This quirky little tune is in a world of its own, much like it’s creator.  Pezzner is ubiquitous for producing the type of wild and imaginative music that’s often responsible for those WTF is this?!” moments on the dancefloor (SHA-ZAM!). Autosave My Love is the perfect example of left-brain powered studio craftsmanship meeting right-brain fueled musicality. – Kev Obrien

Toy Tonics, 2015


Ryan Davis – Clouds Passing By (Eelke Kleijn Remix) 

For 15+ years, Eelke Kleijn has been and continues to be one of the most prolific, yet shockingly under-appreciated producers around. Known mostly in the progressive house circle, he has a penitence for syncopated melodies and insanely intricate sound design. This grossly overlooked and mostly forgotten remix from 2008 is one of his earlier works which transcends time and can be played anytime or anywhere. It never fails. Oh yeah, Ryan Davis too! (An amazing producer in his own right, whos finally receiving some wider acclaim these days). – Kev Obrien

Proton Music, 2008


Chris’s Selects:

The Timewriter – Stitch [Plastic City] (2010)

Jean Frank Cochois aka The Timewriter has been impressing the true deep house heads for over 2 decades now. His 2010 track “Stitch” appeared almost as if it was a hidden track. It was marketed as “Digital Only” on his “Pasodoble” remixes LP which came out on Plastic City. With a sensual groovy bass, spacey pads topped off with a piano line and a catchy vocal snip that says “Get down” there is only one thing to do and that is to get down on the dancefloor for a boogie-oogie-bang-bang.  – Chris Luzz


Vincenzo – Touchdown [We Love This] (2013)

This funky feel-good gem always goes down like a treat whenever played. Vincenzo proved to the world he had a wide range of musical tastes from his 2011 album “Wherever I Lay My Head”, Touchdown has a catchy hypnotizing vocal repeating “I almost made you happy” coupled with a groove reminiscent of a warehouse rave from Chicago in the mid 90’s, this one is sure to erupt a dancefloor. – Chris Luzz


Omid 16B – Ending To Begin [aLOLA] (2012)

Omid 16B is known for his acclaimed 2002 hit Escape (Driving To Heaven)’ feat. Morel which was released on one of the most notable records labels of its time, Hooj Choons. Omid’s signature chuggy percussion laced with an infectious bassline and a melancholic touch. Ending To Begin fits all those qualities and then some. Released on his label, aLOLa Vol 4 EP Sampler in 2012, this still sounds fresh to our ears.  – Chris Luzz


Mark E – Oranges [Spectral Sound] (2012)

Whenever we think of disco-infused slo-mo house, we think Mark E. A true pioneer who stepped up to the plate in 2009/2010 with a slew of releases that made his signature sound a trademark which put him on the map. After hearing Yen Sung drop “Oranges” last summer in the basement of Portugal’s well revered Lux Frágil , it reconvened my love for Mark E’s sound, especially on a well-tuned Function 1 sound system. Play this loud and proud and you will most likely agree. – Chris Luzz


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