Jeff Mills continues digging deeper with NASA on his new radio show.


This morning, Jeff Mills is broadcasting the second episode of his groundbreaking radio program, The Outer Limits. The show, broadcasted on NTS Radio, is a conceptual listening experience that bridges the narrow gaps between modern electronic music and sound synthesis, and science. The show was created in collaboration with NASA and Axis Records, setting out to redefine radio.

In an effort to describe the project, Mills says, “The aim of this radio program is to deliver wild experiences, first and foremost. This is something that I believe each and every one of us needs more of. These episodes will be told in an uncompromising manner, constructed in ways conventional radio dares not explore.”

Today’s episode is the second of six hour-long broadcasts and will point its focus toward the Apollo 18 moon mission.

The first episode (aired originally in January) was a mind-bending trip through a wormhole, which shed light on many interesting facts surrounding the mysteries of black holes, while the techno forefather wove a complex and surreal web of sonic patterns and layers of sound, as a means to portray his vision of what traveling close to the event horizon of massive black hole could sound like, through the language of music.

We can’t imagine a more fitting example of someone digging deeper for musical concepts. Mr. Mills is a true innovator who is digging just as deep for knowledge as he is for musical ideas.


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