PREMIERE: Ponty Mython – Turkish Bath (Jay Haze Turkish Lover Remix) [wewillalwaysbealovesong]




wewillalwaysbealovesong has been a label that we’ve been watching, supporting and listening to in it’s growth, especially over the past year. The French imprint has a penitence for releasing heartfelt funkmelodica (yes, that’s a new genre name that we just decided to create out of thin air), and have done so with style; releasing EPs from DJ YellowTevo Howard and most recently, a superb quartet of heavenly cuts from the ever mysterious, Ponty Mython.

The Tropic of Capricorn EP, released on 12” last month, now gives birth to a follow-up ensemble of remixes, from the likes of Black LoopsBAL5000Nebraska and everyone’s favorite Fuckpony, the one and only Mr. Jay Haze.

Today we present to you and premiere Jay Haze’s ’Turkish Lover’ rendition of Turkish Bath, which appeared as the B1 on the original EP, and was about as funkmelodic as they come. One thing Jay Haze has always been known for, however, is his ability to produce music that always sounds different than you’d expect, and it’s one of the reasons he has and will always remain relevant, so long as he carries on as he has all these years.

Haze’s mix starts off down the dark and dubby route during the first half of the excursion, before unleashing the filter on the bass, swirling around the old LFO whip, right before bringing in an arsenal of closed hats and shuffling percussion that turn the energy knob up and make this one that will surely get any discerning dance floor moving in the wee hours.

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