The Silent Ones – The Magical Party (Jonas Bering Mix) [Kompakt]


So, this is our first post ever.

Well, DiggnDeepr means scratching your head, asking “WHY?!?!!” “HOW?!?! this masterfully finessed remix from long time Kompakt Records harmony-factory / human being, Jonas Bering has only amassed a shamefully sad 1,600 views in almost a year (it was originally released in 2015, and re-released in 2016 on a large compilation).

As per usual with his output, Jonas keeps things on the uplifting, positive vibes side in his choice of vocal bits in this dancefloor-certified remix. You’ll understand the context behind that statement only after hearing the original mix.

FYI: We here at DiggnDeepr would have no other recourse than to doubt someone’s ability to hear — or feel feelings, in general — if we were at The Magical Party, and witnessed someone just standing against the wall, playing with their iFail 6 while this was playing.

The original mix from The Silent Ones is downtempo at around 105bpm, but it’s fun and reminds me of being 21, which is absurdly enough, 5 more likes than The Silent Ones have. Link to the original, as well as buy-links, will be found in the comments. HAPPY FRIDAY. Party Magically, and please observe the following before doing so:

DiggnDeepr’s Official ‘DancnDeepr Code of Party Ethics’

Code #1.111: It is hereby determined that the acts of “Standing against the wall” or “turning the flashlight on your smartphone because you dropped your reason for living by the wall, while standing there instead of dancing” are both forbidden at any and all Magical Parties, or parties which may otherwise be deemed as “Party that is/was/will be Magical”, etc. Breaking this code requires no punishment, obviously.

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