Tunnelvisions – Midnight Voyage [Atomnation]


2017 album of the year candidates? I do believe one of them may have just landed in my inbox today, via HYPE Filter, from the relatively newly formed duo, Tunnelvisions, in ‘Midnight Voyage’.

(some other top picks of mine are Phonique‘s Green Supreme on Ladies And GentlemenMANIK‘s Undergroundknowledge, forthcoming on Ovum RecordingsPaxton Fettel‘s “Nothing Stays the Same” on Greta Cottage Workshop and Öona Dahl‘s ‘Holagrama’ on Hallucienda.

Hats off to Applescal for developing and A&Ring one of the most prolifically consistent and breathtaking labels I have come across in quite some time. With razorlike precision, Atomnation executes every single minute detail which defines what a truly dedicated and passion-fueled independent record label can achieve in a handful of years.

As someone who considers himself the ultimate A&R nerd, the inspiration I’ve drawn from this label in the past year since really delving back into this industry after nearly three years away is absolutely unrivaled.

The imprint is a true testament to what an enormous amount of love, care, dedication to quality, and unyielding commitment toward the avoidance of ‘cutting corners’ can cultivate, especially in an industry where even the most celebrated and overhyped labels have resorted to signing music just to hit the top 10, (even if they hate the music), all the while perpetuating the myth that ‘things ain’t what they used to be’ through allowing creative stagnation to thrive, in the name of the last thing they likely started their labels for in the first place: money and winning the piss-contest.

Are things the way they used to be? Hell no. Nope. They’re not, they never will be, and don’t need to be. That’s why we should be DiggnDeepr, people!

You can purchase the exquisitely crafted “Uele” and pre-order the LP digitally or on vinyl on the imprint’s Bandcamp page.


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